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N. Robin Crossby is probably best known for creating the fantasy world of Hârn Published by Columbia Games Inc. Hârn is appreciated by thousands of affictionados, in scores of countries, in both hemispheres, and all four demi-hemispheres around the world, a truly global community. The following links can take you (like a well-aimed tabúri) into the fragile, quivering heart of that community...

List & Forum

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The Hârn mailing list and Hârn Forum are the penultimate Hârnic resources. Here the Global Hârnic community discusses everything from dragon-bashing to the prices of bread, cheese and beer in the city of Tashal.

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Hârn Links

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There are hundreds of websites all around the world, dedicated to one or more aspects of Hârn.

Here is one of the most comprehensive collections of Hârn Links.


Columbia Games

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As of 2003-July 9, Columbia Games Inc., no longer has the right to publish new Hârn Products.

After 2004- January-9 they no longer have the right to publish or sell Hârn, HârnMaster or any products or publications derived therefrom.

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